Open/Citymatics is a Malaysian Council Management System that provides the integration of the front office & back office functionality and offers substantial operational advantages and access to council-wide management information.
Open/Citymatics can be configured to run either online or in a distributed environment.

Open/Citymatics complies with Local Government’s requirements, and is capable of running on most open UNIX platforms.

Open/Citymatics consists of:
1. HASMATICS - House Assessment System
2. VALUEMATICS - Valuation System
3. LANDCESSMATICS - Land Cess System
4. LICENCEMATICS - Licensing System
5. COLLECTMATICS - One-Stop-Collection System
6. GLMATICS - General Ledger System
7. ARMATICS - Account Receivable System
8. APMATICS - Account Payable System
9. FAMATICS - Fixed Asset System